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As Seen on Nicki on The Bachelor - Copper AND Classic Pendant Your Choice of Color


-The original hand stamped wax seal metal pendants


This listing is for TWO pendants, as seen in Nicki on The Bachelor! One classic pendant with color of your choice, and one pure copper pendant. In the note to seller in paypal, please specify all the details of both pendants (i.e. color, amount of paint, letters, and degree of character)

One of a kind, Hand stamped Monogrammed Pendants
Perfect for weddings, Christmas Gifts, birthday's, baby showers, mothers day, etc! Buy a multiple listing and get one for each of the women you love!

**See other listings for discounts on multiple pieces.

No one is perfect, but we are all beautiful. These pendants give the feeling of being beautiful, unique and rough around the edges at the same time. My work reflects the wonderful, flawed idiosyncrasies in us all. And it makes us breath-taking.

Ritzy Misfit has recently been seen in/on:

Beautiful Bride Magazine, Sept 2012 issue "Fab Finds"
The Bachelor! On many of the ladies, see other listings as well :)
Bachelor Pad, on ABC
The Bachelorette, worn by Jillian (turquoise J) and Ali (many pieces)
Kendra Wilkinson from the girls Next Door
There have also been many other unconfirmed sightings on amazing people!

This listing is for a stunningly original pendant; melted and stamped by hand. They are then painted, rubbed, sanded and buffed until at the peak of imperfect perfection!

They are each one of a kind pieces of art. No pendant can be replicated.

The personalized initial pendant is my ultimate best seller. It can be made into any letter you choose.

All of our pieces are made of a silver based metal alloy that is lead and nickel free. It is very durable and will not tarnish aside from the patina added purposefully to give the antiqued effect.

The “flaws” or “blemishes” or “imperfections” that I adore turn out to have a few degrees of roughness. For me, the rougher the better. Like myself. :)

There are approximately 3 categories of “character”.

PLEASE READ before purchasing:

The first degree of character is almost perfect. These are almost completely round, and even around the edges.
The second degree has more character, or flaws (which I personally love) and may be less perfectly round, and more rustic looking.
The third degree has a lot of character, in the way of roughness, (not sharp), inconsistencies, and uneven overflow of metal. Many of these are my ultimate favorites.

Amount of paint choices:
1. Not so much
2. Medium
3. Lotsa
This is relative and may vary. ☺

***In the message to seller IN PAYPAL, or emailed to, please include which letter, the degree of character and the amount of paint you would like.(this is approximate, as each is hand painted)****

Feel free to be as specific as possible. I’ll do my best to make one you will LOVE, and the more I know, the closer I’ll be!

**If we don't receive adequate details about your pendant in PAYPAL, we will need to contact you to get the information which may delay the production/arrival of your order.**

Please allow up to TWO WEEKS before items are shipped. We are usually ahead of that, but we give ourselves some wiggle room as I make each from scratch AFTER you order. :) A RUSH service is available; contact us or see appropriate listing for cost and details.

Thanks so much, and have a wonderful day!